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St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Philatelic Society

founded 1976


St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Philatelic Society Auction



  1. The SHATPS auction is terminated - if you are interested in remaining lots, please ask the Webmaster






    Closing Bid Date: December, 15, 2014    








St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan Da Cunha Philatelic Society Auction December 2014



Lots will be awarded to highest bidder. In case of tie bids, the earliest postmark or email wins. Bids will be increased by $1 over thenext highest bid. A 10% surcharge and shipping costs will be added to invoices. Please contact Everett Parker ateparker@hughes.net with any questions regarding bidding procedures or mailing. You may also call (386) 754-8524 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday EST with questions. Please inspect each vendor’s lots carefully as many bargains will be found. Remember in bidding that the auction benefits the society. Please bid by lot number; vendor identification is not required. “MB” means minimum bid; “EST” is estimatedvalue. Bids below 80% of estimate are not accepted. Bids may be submitted by email (eparker@hughes.net) or mailed to:


Dr. Everett L. Parker, 249 NW Live Oak Place, Lake City, FL 32055-8906 USA





(All of these lots are from the extensive library of Michael Mueller, who is donating half of the proceeds to the society treasury! Please consider this in bidding!)

Lot 1: Collection of the journal Cameo, a publication of the West Africa Study Circle in the United Kingdom. This journal often contains articles relating to “our” islands. The run (15 issues in all)begins with January 1978 and includes January 1980, July 1981,and January 1986 in the smaller format before switching to themuch-expanded issues in color and 8.25 x 11.75 inches. Then continues with non-consecutive issues of 2005 through January 2009.A nice assortment with lots of good reading. MB= $10.00.

Lot 2: Nice, tidy collection (all different) of the Tristan da Cunha Newsletter. A total of 41 issues from September 1998 through February 2014. Very clean, nice addition to your library. MB=$15.00.

Lot 3: A smaller collection (also all different) of the Tristan da Cunha Newsletter. A total of 18 issues from March 1993 to August 2008. These are duplicates of Lot 2 but a smaller number to whet your philatelic appetite! MB= $7.50.

Lot 4: Two miscellaneous publications: Tristan da Cunha News-letter No. 19, October 1963. The first Newsletter since 1960 and following the resettlement. Eight pages, one-sided (perhaps print-off?). Also, Tristan Times newsletter dated August 1989. Four sheets, two-sided, staped upper left. MB= $3.00.

Lot 5: The National Geographic Magazine, May 1946 and February 1952. No articles on “our” islands, but interesting stories about the Arctic, Sao Tome, Yemen, Bahamas. Sound copies, EST=$2.00.

Lot 6: Photocopy of Recollections of the Emperor Napoleon During the First Three Years of His Captivity on the Island of St. Helena. Copy of 1845 edition with 285 pages. Photocopy is on loose pages but fully readable. Appears to be 167 single-sided sheets. Would probably have cost at lease $20 to copy! EST= $10.00.

Lot 7: Small collection of The St. Helena Connection, “official news magazine of the Society of Friends of St. Helena.” A total of eight different journals in full color. Dramatic and unseen photographs of St. Helena. Issue No. 1 (November 2006) and assorted issues to No. 14 (May 2013). One issue has missing pages, others are complete. Interesting reading! Well worth MB = $10.00.

Lot 8: Small collection of The St. Helena Catalogue, Issue No. 1-2, then Issue No. 28 - 33. A total of eight issues, 1998-2006. Black and white, interesting reading. Should be worth EST= $5.00.

Lot 9: Hardcover book, St. Helena, originally published in 1875 and reprinted in 1979 in England. Contains much information on geology of St. Helena, and additional information on the island from 1906. The second part of the book is a comprehensive collection of antiquarian and then-contemporary photographs from around the island, including houses, fortifications and other buildings. The book is 245 pages in the 8.25 x 12.0 inch format. In very good condition and sought after. MB= $25.00.

Lot 10: A small, eclectic collection of paper ephemera relating to “our” islands. Includes A Guide to the Geology of Saint Helena by Barry Weaver (1990); Investing in St. Helena (c.1996); “Asthma Island” (Tristan da Cunha), from Newsday, April 15, 1997; print-off of St. Helena article in Jersey Evening Post, January 24, 1997; print-off from Tristan Times (2001) with information on hurricane; “Possible Origins of Certain Nonstandard Verb Forms in the Dialect of Tristan da Cunha,” by Bas van Elburg (2000); “St. Helena fumes over ‘dictatorial’ style of Governor,” by Joanna Bale (The Times [London]), April 16, 1997 (print-off); The Journal: Tristan da Cunha, August 21, 2004). MB= $5.00.

Lot 11: Print-off of “Two Years on Inaccessible,” from The Cape Monthly Magazine. Undated, very early; 18 single-sided photo-copied sheets. EST= $3.00.

Lot 12: Print-off of book, So This is Tristan da Cunha: A photo-guide to the world’s loneliest island in the South Atlantic Ocean, by Nigel Humphries, 1982. Has “philatelic notes” as well as lots of contemporary photographs. Twenty-three single-sided sheets (some duplicates of individual pages), black and white. Interesting commentary, nice photographs. EST= $5.00.

Lot 13: Major collection of rarely seenSt. Helena News Review. Small (6.5 x 8.0 inch) typewritten weekly island journal. A total of 147 different issues: 1976 (4); 1977 (14); 1978 (41); 1979 (32); 1980 (8); 1981 (19); 1982 (14); 1983 (11); 1984 (2); 1985 (3). Nice collection in good condition. EST= $35.00.

Lot 14: The West Africa Study Circle Saint Helena Supplement No. 5, edited by Roger West (January 1986). Several articles on St. Helena in 36 pages, including some specialized studies of flaws, etc. This copy has reinforced binding on left. EST= $5.00.

Lot 15: Large collection of philatelic paper ephemera relating to “our” islands. The stack is about one inch thick and includes print-offs such as “The Ships of Tristan da Cunha,” a long-running series in Ice Cap News authored by Rozell Smith; “The Proposed Stamps for Tristan da Cunha,” in Stamp Collecting ; “List of Ships Calling at Tristan da Cunha, 1506-1948;” “1855-64 The Engraved First Type Six Pence (St. Helena),” “Ascension - Philately during the Reign of King George VI,” much, much more. Probably pushing 70 articles in all. Nice background material. EST= $25.00.

Lot 16: A substantial collection of Wirebird , the journal of the Friends of St. Helena. Includes all different 24 issues from 1990 to 2011. Very clean and in good condition. EST= $35.00.

Lot 17: Can’t use that many copies of Wirebird? How about a sampler of three issues: Summer 1996, Autumn 2007, and Autumn 2008? Clean and in good condition. EST= $5.00.

Lot 18: Another smaller run of St. Helena News Review . A total of 19 issues: 1978 (12); 1979 (6); 1980 (1). Lots of good reading from earlier days. EST= $10.00.

Lot 19: Book: The Quest for Peter Green: A Dutchman on Tristan da Cunha. New condition, inscribed to Mike Mueller on title page. Soft cover, 226 pages in the 7.0 x 9.75 inch size, perfectbound, attractive and colorful cover. MB= $20.00.

Lot 20: Book: The Lonely Island, by Rose Annie Rogers (Great Britain: 1928). Good condition, some foxing, hardcover, 5.5 x 7.25 inches, red cloth cover. A valuable resource for Tristan. MB=$20.00.

Lot 21: Book: Islands of Despair, by Allan W. Eden (London: 1955). Story of a survey expedition to the sub-Antarctic islands of New Zealand. Lots of photos, index, 212 pages. Dust jacket, hard-cover, published in 5.5 x 8.25 inch format. MB= $20.00.

Lot 22: Book: Pursuit of an Island, by Julian Mockford (London: 1950). Story of visits to Rodriguez, Mauritius and Réunion and more. Illustrated, 155 pages, dust jacket, hardcover. Published in 5.5 x 8.25 inch format. MB= $15.00.

Lot 23: Book: White Cayuca, by John Vanderveer Deuel (Boston: 1934). Story of Devil’s Island, the Bedbug Islands, and the Land of Savage Majesty along the Amazon. Published in the 5.5 x 8.5 inch format, hardbound, dust jacket, 280 pages. MB=$15.00.

Lot 24: Book: When the Journey’s Over, by Lawrence G. Green (Cape Town: 1972). Story of travel in the Cape and throughout South Africa in an earlier day. Delightful reading! Hardcover, published in the 5.5 x 8.5 inch format, dust jacket, 256 pages. MB=$10.00.

Lot 25: Book: Harbours of Memory, by Lawrence G. Green (Cape Town: 1969). Story of personal experiences along South African and other waterfronts, odd characters and the tales they told. Hard-cover, published in the 5.5 x 8.5 inch format, dust jacket, clean and a good read, 255 pages. MB=$10.00.

Lot 26: Book: Mainsail to the Wind: A Book of Sailing Quotations, by William Galvani (Dobbs Ferry, New York: 1999). Very interesting book of over 1,000 quotations from writers and speakers the world over on a nautical theme. Hardcover with dust jacket, appears new, 256 pages. Published in the 6.0 x 9.25 inch format. MB= $15.00.

Lot 27: Book: St. Helena, Ascension, Tristan da Cunha: The Bradt Travel Guide (St. Peter, England: 2002). A visitor’s guide to the islands, appears new. Published in softcover in the 5.25 x 8.5 inch format, 182 pages. MB= $7.50.

Lot 28: Interesting collectible: two cardstock glossy sheets, 8.25 x 11.75 inches with map of Bora Bora (South Pacific) on one side, and detailed map of Moorea on the other. Each has semi-circular cuts about an inch long (for hanging?). Suitable for mounting, one would think. EST= $1.00.

Lot 29: Unusual collection of paper ephemera from South Africa, impossible to duplicate. Includes passage tickets on Union Castle ship Pretoria Castle from Durban to England in 1961 for a family of four, travel documents including luggage tags, cabin assignment. Also “Program of ‘sports and entertainments’” for RMMV Capetown Castle from Southampton with departure on December 27 to arrival at Cape Town on January 10 (year not given, 1962?). Also a list of passengers on RMMV Capetown Castle voyage departing Southampton on December 27, 1962. This is a colorful brochure listing meal times, private cocktail parties, shops onboard, off-vessel excursions and much more. The listing of passengers including the city of residence. Very interesting collection. MB= $15.00.

Lot 30: Copy of Phoenix International postal auction with sale of Capt. Roger Morgan collection of St. Helena and photocopy of March 1997 Tristan da Cunha Newsletter on legal-size paper. There is a nice large-size map of “The Settlement” as well with roads and houses located. EST=$5.00.

Lot 31: The National Geographic Magazine, September 1943 issue, includes “Wartime Washington,” “Revealing Earth’s Mightiest Ocean,” much more. Nothing on our islands, but EST= $2.00.

Lot 32: Book: 3YØPI Peter I Island Antarctica, by Robert W. Schmieder (KK6EK). Paperback, story of DXpedition (amateur radio) expedition to Antarctica in 1994, 236 pages, 7 x 10 inches, color cover. Excellent story of the expedition. MB= $15.00.

Lot 33: Book: The Law of the Sea, by Wiiliam McFee, 1950. Written for the lay reader, it is an interesting narrative. MB=$5.00.

Lot 34: Book: St. Helena: One Man’s Island, by Ian Baker, 2004. Full color, printed on coated stock paper. Very clean. MB=$10.00.

Lot 35: Book: Down Memory Lane: Recollections of a Wandering Missionary, by Father Brenan Sullivan, 2009. Includes “our” islands in a delightful recollection. MB=$7.50.

Lot 36: The National Geographic Magazine, September 1928. Includes “By Seaplane to Six Continents.” EST= $2.00.

Lot 37: Book: The History of Plantation House St. Helena, by Margaret Field, 1998. Full color, very informative and historical, with 86 pages. MB=$5.00.

Lot 38: Book: Lord Howe Island, by Alan and Valrie Finch, 1968. Informative history of the island. MB=$10.00.

Lot 39: Book: A Field Guide to the Birds of Lord Howe Island, by Ian Hutton, 2002. Tiny, informative full color book. MB=$5.00.

Lot 40: Book: Namibia Handbook, by Sebastian Ballard & Nick Santcross,1997. Everything you need to know! EST=$5.00.

Lot 41: Book: Instructions for American Servicemen in Britain, 1942. Small reprint of guide for knowing the differences between American and British customs. Interesting. MB=$7.50.

Lot 42: Small collection of St. Helena Herald (May 2, May 10, May 17, May 31, 2002). Purchased in Jamestown, lots of news of the island. EST=$5.00.

Lot 43: Monograph: U.S. Consular Mail from St. Helena, by Michael D. Mueller, 2002. Sixty pages, 8.5 x 11, softcover, sold for $10.95. Clean overall, few cover blemishes. EST= $5.00.

Lot 44: The National Geographic Magazine, July 1935. Nothing about “our” islands, but interesting reading. EST=$2.00.

Lot 45: Photocopy of Allan B. Crawford’s “The Lost Lifeboat Stamp Designs” of Tristan. A total of 81 photocopied pages (8.5 x 11 inches) with detailed information and sketches of how ABC prepared the stamp issue. Very useful and informative. EST=$10.00.

Lot 46: Monograph: Robinson Crusoe’s Islands: A Philatelic Survey of Chile’s Juan Fernandez Archipelago, by Stephen Pendleton. Spiralbound, 52 one-sided pages, 8.5 x 11 inches. Signed by author. Considerable research! EST= $10.00.

Lot 47: One of the most interesting friends of the St. Helena, Ascension & Tristan da Cunha Philatelic Society was long-time member Gale J. Raymond. His world-wide exploits were well known, and in 1997, he wrote a book titled Millionaire Mansions, Miserable Shacks: Adventures in Real Estate Appraising. This is a photocopy of the 110 page book, and worth the EST=$10.00.

Lot 48: Islands magazine. Three issues: April 1994, November 2002 (cut down), September 2005. Nothing about the South Atlantic, but interesting reading. EST= $5.00.

Lot 49: Large collection of rarely seen St. Helena News Review. Small (6.5 x 8.0 inch) typewritten weekly island journal. A total of 51 different issues: 1978 (1); 1979 (33); 1980 (7); 1981 (8); 1983 (2). Nice collection in good condition, appears to be ex-Skavaril. EST= $20.00.

Lot 50: Photocopy of segment of The Mariner’s Mirror, Vol. 36, No. 1 (January 1950). A dozen pages of article titled “The Loss and Recapture of St. Helena, 1673.” EST=$2.00.

Lot 51: Photocopy of “Souvenir of St. Helena, League of the Empire, n.d. (early 1900s?). A total of 32 pages. EST=$3.00.

Lot 52: Want only a sampling of Lot 49? It’s the St. Helena News Review, nine issues: June 15, June 22, June 29, July 6, July 13, July 20, August 3, August 10, August 17, all 1979. Worth EST=$5.00.

Lot 53: Unusual journal, yojana, published in India (in English). Includes a guide to Andaman and Nicobar. Well-illustrated with many articles on development, etc. About 140 pages. EST=$3.00.

Lot 54: Another Andaman article, cut from a journal, 18 pages, titled “A Colony of Murderers.” Apparently relates to history of the region. Ordered from England at cost of $7. EST=$3.00.

Lot 55: Similar cut-out of 1877 article from the Anthropological Society on the Nicobar Islands, six pages, bound. EST=$1.00.

Lot 56: Yet another on Nicobar Islands, cut-out from unknown journal. Fifteen pages, mid-1800s? Est=$2.00.

Lot 57: This one defied description. It appears to be a Japanese magazine from World War II (no English). There are 24 pages, a bit worn. But historically important. EST=$1.00.

Lot 58: Another cut-out, from the Century Magazine -- “Native Life in the Andaman Islands,” by Frederick Taylor. Set in about 1910, article has 15 pages with illustrations. EST=$1.00.

Lot 59: Nice color print cut from unknown magazine (German?). Shows Andaman islanders apparently shooting fish from a canoe. Would make attractive wall hanging when framed; approximately7.75 x 11.0 inches on heavy paper. EST=$2.00.

Lot 60: A print-off of Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, 1818.Six pages of article titled “Tristan D’Acunha, & C. Jonathan Lambert, late Sovereign thereof.” Spiralbound, nice. EST=$5.00.

Lot 61: Cut-out of article in American Museum Novitates on birds of the Falklands, Chile, etc. Dated 1934, eight pages. EST=$1.00.

Lot 62: Photocopy (black and white) of Ascension Island map, 11x17, appears to be antiquarian. Also, four photocopies of hand-drawn map of Georgetown. EST=$2.00.

Lot 63: Large (8.0 x 11.75 inches) full color brochure titled “Voyage on the RMS St. Helena.” Apparently an  informational piece (14 pages) about the vessel, and “our” islands. Interesting piece to accompany RMS stamps! EST=$5.00.

Lot 64: Ecclectic collection of clippings, photocopies, etc. relating to stamps of “our” islands, mostly 1970s and 1980s. Also includes very interesting correspondence (two letters) from Ascension Administrator B.E. Pauncefort to Scotland. Each has original signature (not photocopies) and red printed stationery. Est=$5.00.

Lot 65: Very interesting lot of 12 copies of original photographs of St. Helena in 1880s era. Each copied onto 8.5 x 11 inch photo paper with glassine interleaves. EST=$20.00.

Lot 66: Another wide-ranging lot of paper ephemera as well as postal history. We start with 1999 large registered St. Helena cover addressed to Gail Thorpe in Woodlands East. Then there’s a 1999 large registered St. Helena cover to “W.A. Thorpe & Sons, Jamestown.” We also have an unaddressed FDC from 1975. Printed material includes Fred Melville’s book on St. Helena from about 1930s (?) [photocopy]; “Tristan da Cunha Lonely Islands” (lots of photos, likely 1950s (?) [photocopy]; “Africana Notes and News” (1982), photocopy of article on Blenden Hall passenger list, more; reprint of Cape Monthly article (1857) on “The Wreck of the ‘Blendenhall’ at Tristan d’Acunha.” Also, photocopy of “Denstone Expedition to Inaccessible Island Prospectus” and two copies of The Informer, journal of the Society of Australasian Specialists/Oceania (1992-1993). Continuing, there is a circa 1960s booklet titled “St. Helena” (full color); original copy of softbound book with three articles from The Auk: A Quarterly Journal of Ornithology (1914-1915). Probably 60 pages or so with many black and white photo plates. Likely quite scarce. Then there is Fishing News International, a February 1999 magazine with lots of news and photos (newspaper style, folded). There is also a copy of the February 27, 1943 edition of  Illustrated, a British news magazine similar to Life with lots of photos of World War II. There are other “goodies” as well. A large collection with low estimate: EST=$35.00. In fact, the higher the bid, the more “extras” we’ll throw in!

Lot 67: Another mixed lot, all related to St. Helena paper ephemera. We begin with a color photo negative of an old St. Helena map as seen from the sea (we assume a print could be made from it?). Next we have three black and white photo prints of an alt-azimuth made by Gilbert of London and used in surveying St. Helena in early 1800s. This is followed by several colorful St. Helena brochures (procured on the island), a tourist map, a copy of the “St. Helena Day 1999” special edition of St. Helena & South Atlantic News Review , another copy from 1996, a copy of the West Africa Study Unit St. Helena & Ascension Supplement No. 31 (1999), a colorful booklet titled St. Helena 500 Years of History. EST=$25.00.

Lot 68: The caboose for this vendor! A collection of paper ephemera about an inch thick. Maps, newspaper articles, columns, odds and ends of St. Helena News, a couple copies of Commonwealth Philately journal (1980-1981), several photocopies of Ascension philatelic articles, a couple pages from The Literary Digest, July24, 1926 (article on hunger on Tristan), a copy of Torres News, from Thursday Island (2002), large unused manila envelope with rubberstamped cachet of “Dive St. Helena,” and large manila OHMS envelope handstamped at The Castle and addressed to “Mr. N. Thorpe, Secretary, Chamber of Commerce.” EST= $10.00.


Lot 69: Ascension collection of stamps and postal history and more. We start with two large manila covers to the U.S., 2000 (stamps on each) with Georgetown cancel. Then we have a smattering of stamps on dealer sheets. Includes Scott #41c in MNH pair ($14.00 CV); #41ac ($14.00); #795-8 ($6.50); #834-37 ($8.25); #868-72 souvenir sheet ($11.50) [all MNH]. Then a three color picture postcards (1986 & 1998) addressed to U.S.; a small 1999 commercial cover to U.S. with Queen Mother stamp; a color photograph print (original) showing Administrator’s House at Ascension (5 x 7 inches); a dozen or so commercial covers to U.S. with cachets, and three covers from Ascension to St. Helena (1980s-1990s). And perhaps most interesting of all is a collection of “photo bromides” of 1990s stamp sets sent to media outlets (very limited) for publicity purposes! These are on stiff photo paper and very collectible. These were apparently photographed prior to perforating as all stamps appear imperf! This unusual collection should easily be worth an EST=$50.00.



Lot 70: Sepia Gravure Lettercard to England 1953, issued by the Pharmacy St. Helena (printed on flap), posted 1st April 1953 to England with message. Inside the envelope are six similar sepia b/w and folded photographs of St. Helena, condition: very good, MB: $110

Lot 71: original b/w photograph taken by A.L. Innes, high resolution, 203 x 152 mm, mounted onto cardboard, good quality, MB: $25

Lot 72: missionary handstamp Type II, proof strike, very distinct, MB: $25

Lot 73: missionary handstamp Type II on unused cover with vertical crease, the cancellation is not affected, faint strike, MB: $ 20

Lot 74: distinct missionary handstamp Type V on unused cover, MB: $15

Lot 75: distinct missionary handstamp Type Va on piece of paper, it's a proof of the original handstamp (unknown owner), the scarcest handstamp of Tristan da Cunha, MB: $40

Lot 76: Capt. Smye cover with faint black Type IV missionary handstamp franked with a strip of 3 1d KGV stamps and a single 1 1/2 KGV stamp, datestamped 24 MR 28 in Montevideo, cover transported by SS Author leaving TdC at 15 MR 1928, with 2 additional Montevideo markings on front and reverse, rare, MB: $400

Lot 77: original and complete sheet of 35 1d Potato stamps, MNH, issued by A.B. Crawford 1946. You can see that sheet pictured on the SHATPS website, Slide Show, picture 12, MB: $475

Lot 78: stampless undated cover to England with missionary handstamp Type VIII, in use May 1946 until January 1949, taxed with 1 1/2d and oval "T", MB: $99

Lot 79: airmail cover of RMS Caronia to England with coat of arms on flap, franked with the high values of the 1954 QEII definitives, 6, 9d, 1, 2/6, 5 and 10 Sh., with the Type D cds with missing yearslug, rare, MB: $60

Lot 80: Handley cover to England with "Edinburgh Settlement" , Tristan 3rd issue 1/2 + 4d, tied by 31 OC 55 cds, carried by MV Boissevain, MB: $55

Lot 81: Gough Island cover franked with SG22, Gough I. datestamp 13 February 1956 to USA with great red "Quest map cachet" and boxed "Gough Island Scientific Survey 1955 - 1956 on the reverse, rare cancellation, MB: $110

Lot 82: cover of the Royal Society Expedition to USA, transported by SAS Transvaal with boxed ship's cachet, Type XI cachet, franked with S. African stamps with Cape Town Paquebot 7 II 62 cds, rare, only 525 letters transported, MB: $195

Lot 83: Tristan Resettlement Survey unfranked cover with Type XII handstamp and Cape Town Paquebot 14 IV 63 and MV Boissevain straight-line cachet from Lars Repetto to Bernhard Repetto, Calshot, Southampton, during the evacuation of the islanders. The cover is of the fifth mailing from a member of the advance party onboard M.V. Boissevain, rare. MB: $140



Lot 84: Tristan da Cunha 1960 mint condition stamp booklet. Original price, 3/6 (Stanley Gibbons #SB3). Contains 8x1/2d, 4x1d, 4x1 1/2d and 4x4d. The only flaw is that some of the blocks of four were not cut perfectly, so some of the top perforations are almost missing. Pages are interleaved. EST=$40.



Lot 85: Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue: St. Helena & Dependencies, 2005 edition. Publihsed in the 8.25 x 11.75 inch format and softcover, the catalogue is in color throughout, and provides a wealth of collector information at the beginning. It was priced at £12.95, or about $21.50US. Should be worth ... EST=$5.00



All the proceeds of the lots 86-88 are donated to the society treasury - please consider this in bidding.

Lot 86: 10 Tristan da Cunha black and white postcards, 2 prepared for posting but never sent. MB = $15
Lot 87:  Registered Tristan da Cunha cover to Australia, 16 FEB 87, taxed, franked with SG422 and 425 with three transit and arrival datestamps on reverse. MB = $6

  <<<< sorry, that's lot 87

Lot 88:  Mixed lot of Tristan da Cunha: one black and white photo of Inaccessable Island from the 1970s (with some creases), 12 page Tristan da Cunha Newsletter Spring 1973 (No. 23), 12 letters of the Lewis Glass familiy (no covers) to the Ebert family 1975-78, 2 response letters, all offering a close look at life on Tristan, three copies of philatelic articles. MB = $35


Lot 86 - TdC PPCs                                                       sorry - that's lot 88  ^




Lot 89: Ascension Island: 619 stamps, all in good condition, mix of used and mint, all off paper. QEII 1963 onwards with some
KGVI “Victory” and “Coronation” examples. The selection is heavy with royalty stamps and light on natural history themes but
otherwise a good mix. Some duplication but not much. Nothing remarkable in terms of catalogue value; there are a couple of the
1971 space £1. Probably around £250 ($400 US) catalogue value in this unusual assortment. MB= $80.




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