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last update 13 July 2014 Auctions
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St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Philatelic Society

founded 1976


 Auction results of public auctions


Tristan da Cunha

Royal Society Expedition cover, 1st mail

cover of the first mail with ship's cachet of SAS Transvaal, Paquebot Cape Town 7 II 62, to USA, only 524 letters transported


eBay July 2014, £65, real value about £150

St. Helena

Postcard written by Colonel Adolf Schiel with triangular red censor mark "PASSED BY CENSOR DEADWOOD" and signed by Baron v. Ahlefeldt, struck at the last day of usage of the censor marking at 13 MR 1902

eBay June 2014, $323

St. Helena

St. Helenea - part of a reply UPU postcard to Germany, 30 NO 1900, with E. Walton censor marking, rare with signature of the chief censor with complete family name

eBay January 2014, €190

St. Helena

part of a reply UPU reply postcard to Amsterdam, 18 DE 1900, with E. Walton initials in censor marking and reverse illustrated by a Dutch P.O.W.

eBay January 2014, £340



St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Philatelic Society Auction



Next December, we will run another society aution, and once more Dr. Everett L. Parker has kindly volunteered to manage organizing it. Please contact Everett directly with details of any items you may wish to include in the auction - please ensure details are delivered in good time, as there is a lot of work to do in preparing the lots listing!








    ► Results of the December, 15, 2013 Auction





the hammer prices are listed


Vendor A

Lot 1: Ascension, Pictorial Postcard “Barter’s Cottage, Green Mountain, Ascension” with 1p KEVII stamp, cancel Ascension 6 FE 12, to Bruxelles/Belgium with text in French with arrival cancel 24 II 1912, creases on the right side, 2 short adhesive strips on address side, stamp not affected, rare. MB: $60, realized $61

Lot 2: Ascension - cover FRONT ONLY to Mr. A.H. Duncan, Red Gate, St. Helena, franked with SG #28 and datestamped Ascension 14 AU 36, St. Helena arrival datestamp 18 AU 36. MB: $20.

Lot 3: Ascension, C4 paper of the Ascension Post Office with 11 proof strikes of the current available datestamps, post office cachets and instructional markings (August 2012), e.g., Philatelic Bureau / Dispatched  / date / Ascension Island, Paquebot, Post Office Crown cachet, Return to Sender, Gone away, Douane Philatelic Material Value, etc., with the 3 signatures of the Post Office staff, exclusively made for the SHATPS auction, the hammer price will be the profit of SHATPS. MB: $50, realized $51

Lot 4: St. Helena UPU Postcard CP-1 to England, datestamped St. Helena, Type 2, August 9, 99, commercial and written by A. Hands the same day, with transit datestamp “Plymouth, Ship Letters” 25 AU 99,” crease upper right edge, otherwise very good condition. MB: $35.

Lot 5: St. Helena Picture Postcard, A. Frank, Rotterdam, “Graf van Napoleon” (Napoleon’s Tomb), “Souvenir van St. Helena,” published by A. Frank, 1901, posted within the Netherlands 28th DE 1901, undivided, b/w. MB: $10.

Lot 6: St. Helena Picture Postcard, A.L. Innes “Distant View of High Peak, Greetings from St. Helena” with handwritten Portuguese text, posted 17-1-03 in Porto/Portugal, stamp removed, lightly-soiled but rare PPC. MB: $10.

Lot 7: St. Helena UPU Postcard CP-1 to England, distinct strike of St. Helena, Type 3, 14 JU 1910, commercial text, remains of  2 hinges on the reverse, otherwise very good condition. MB: $15.    

Lot 8: St. Helena, b/w Picture Postcard “Government House,” franked with 2x 1/2d Badge stamps, inter-island usage, no text, cancel of 5 FE 1914, discoloration on the text side 3.5 x 5 cm, souvenir of a member of the German Cruiser S.M.S. (HMS) Kaiser visiting St. Helena in 1914 just before WWI, rare. MB: $30.

Lot 9: St. Helena Picture Postcard published by T.L. M. Adams, St. Helena, “Napoleon’s Tomb” with 7 Marines, written on unknown ship and posted in England, 29 OC 1914, franked with 1/2d KGV stamp. MB:$10, realized $10

Lot 10: St. Helena Picture Postcard from unknown publisher, “Jamestown,” b/w, franked with 1d KGV stamp struck with London postmark 18 FE ?? (year slug illegible), most probably during WWI, with unknown green censor mark “PASSED BY ??? CENSOR” and greeting message, probably written onboard a ship to England. MB: $20.

Lot 11: St. Helena - O.H.M.S. stampless cover to U.S.A. with SH datestamp of 5th August 192? (year slug partly illegible, most probably 1920) with scarce Post Office cachet PO 4 with Imperial Crown in the center, the cachet is indistinct. Nevertheless a rare cover, PO cachet only known on another two covers according Mabbett and seller. MB: $100.

Lot 12: St. Helena, b/w Picture Postcard “Heart Shaped Waterfall with Cable Company’s Quarters St. Helena” to England, greeting text, with 1 1/2d stamp, SG# 133, indistinct St. Helena cancel 1950, neat postcard. MB: $18.

Lot 13: St. Helena cover to England, multi-franked with SG #131, #132a, #133 with three very distinct datestamps code letter “C” 22 FE 49, on the flap imprinted “UNION-CASTLE LINE” with the flag. MB: $10.

Lot 14: St. Helena UPU Postcard CP-2 (message section), late usage AP 30, 1950 with additional 1/2d KEVII pictorial stamp to England, with text, lower right edge missing. MB: $20.

Lot 15: St. Helena O.H.M.S. cover to U.S.A., stampless with St. Helena datestamp “C” 16 MR 62, straight line cachet “ON POSTAL SERVICE” in violet and violet, Post Office Crown cachet PO5. MB: $15.

Lot 16: Tristan da Cunha incoming cover from Berlin, Germany to the Postmaster of Tristan, franked with Deutsches Reich 25 Pfg./Goethe, one corner missing, datestamped Berlin-Friedenau 2.1.29, handwritten marking “via London by special mail,” probably transported with Dutchess of Atholl, arriving off Tristan February 24, 1929. Incoming mail of this period is rare. MB: $40.

Lot 17: Tristan da Cunha incoming cover from Johannesburg, 12 JAN 1929, addressed to Rev. W. Partridge, Tristan da Cunha, probably transported with Dutchess of Atholl, the ship the Reverend used to come to TdC. MB: $40, realized $41

Lot 18: Tristan da Cunha cover to England transported by the ship Halesius visiting Tristan May 14, 1929, franked with GB KGV 1/2 and 1p, struck with two distinct strikes of Type III missionary handstamp and London Paquebot datestamp 26 JU 29. MB: $200.

Lot 19: Tristan da Cunha Mulready style postcard to Victor Marsh, franked with two 1/2d KGVI stamps struck with Type VII and handwritten pencil inscription “Recv. 10.2.46,” perhaps carried by Good Hope Castle, no message. MB: $55, realized $56

Lot 20: Tristan da Cunha homemade Mulready-style postcard to Victor Marsh franked with 1/- St. Helena KGVI Badge stamp struck with Type IX and  Paquebot Cape Town 1949. MB: $60.



Lot 21: Tristan da Cunha Weston cover franked with GB postal stationery cut-out struck with Type III, undated, price at commercial auctions at $200 plus. MB: $120.

Lot 22: Tristan da Cunha Weston cover franked with GB postal stationery cut-out, struck with Type III, undated, price at commercial auctions $220 plus. MB: $120.

Lot 23: Tristan da Cunha Marsh cover franked with 6d GB Olympic Games 1948 stamp struck with Type IX and Paquebot Cape Town 14 X 49, carried by MV Pequena. MB: $20, realized $21

Lot 24: Tristan da Cunha, same cover as no. 56, franked with 1/-GB Olympic Games 1948 stamp. MB: $20, realized $21

Lot 25: Tristan da Cunha postcard franked with 1d KGVI stamp, addressed to Pitcairn Islands and struck with the Horseshoe cachet. On the reverse a boxed cachet with the address of Victor Marsh. MB: $15, realized $16

Lot 26: Tristan da Cunha stampless Weston cover to England with Type X -9 DEC 1959, Paquebot Cape Town 18 XII 50, taxed with 2D, postage due Twickenham , carried by Shirrabank visiting Tristan December 13, 1950. MB: $45.

Lot 27: Tristan da Cunha undated Weston cover franked with 1/2d KGV, struck with Type III, in use 1921-32. MB: $150.

Lot 28: Tristan da Cunha Newsletter, Tristan Times of October 16, 1943, on the reverse the handwritten number “19” in blue, without A.B.C. cachet! MB: $50, realized $51

Lot 29: Gough Island cover to South Africa with rare datestamp 13 FE 56 and boxed cachet Gough Island Scientific Survey 1955-56. MB: $20.

Lot 30: Gough Island registered cover to England with Gough datestamp and rare date 22 FE 56 on multiple franking of four stamps, boxed cachet Gough Island Scientific Survey 1955-56. MB: $30.

Lot 31: Gough Island underpaid cover to Cayman Islands taxed with 2d Cayman Islands stamp, the Tristan 2d stamp datestamped with Gough Island datestamp and rare late date of 16 JA 57. MB: $30, realized $31

Lot 32: Gough Island postcard, unaddressed, last day of Gough Island Post Office, franked with 3d QEII Tristan stamp, struck with Gough Island datestamp 28 MY 1957, scarce one-line cachet TRISTAN DA CUNHA and a second one-line cachet with unknown typeface, and three-line cachet PO CLOSED GOUGH ISLAND, rare. MB: $70, realized $102

Lot 33: Tristan da Cunha, visit of the French Cruiser Jeanne d’Arc, franked with S.A. stamps tied Cape Town 30 XII 1957 with scarce ship’s cachet dated 24-12-57, the day of the ship’s visit on Tristan, addressed to France and written by the crew member C.C. Hosteau (as seen on a second cover from the same sender). According to Robin Taylor’s Monograph No. 20, one cover known, today we know of only three covers, thus VERY SCARCE. MB: $400.

Lot 34: Tristan Resettlement Survey unfranked cover with Type XII handstamp and Cape Town Paquebot 14 IV 63 and MV Boissevain straight-line cachet from Lars Repetto to Bernhard Repetto, Calshot, Southampton, during the evacuation of the islanders. The cover is of the fifth mailing from a member of the advance party onboard M.V. Boissevain, rare. MB: $150.

Lot 35: Tristan da Cunha, HMS Puma cover, Resettlement Survey Period, third mailing 16 FEB 1963, mail dropped at Buenos Aires for forwarding to London with HMS Puma and red oval handstamp of the commanding officer of the Puma, signature of A.B. Crawford, franked with penguin stamp and Argentine stamps Feb 27, 1963, Type XII, XIII cachets, rare, estimated value $450. MB: $250, realized $401



produced for SHATPS only:

Lot #3 and #82

many thanks to the postal teams of Ascension and Tristan da Cunha.

The full revenue of these 2 lots will go to the SHATPS Treasurer.




Lot 36: Tristan da Cunha Resettlement cover to England franked with SG#58, datestamped 11 NOV 63 with boxed cachet “VOYAGE OF M.V. BORNHOLM OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 63.” MB: $7.

Lot 37: Tristan da Cunha, three covers to South Africa, all datestamped 4 NOV ‘73 with three different ships cachets M.S. Royal Viking Star. The ship circled Tristan da Cunha but was unable to disembark passengers. Only 50 postcards and 50 letters produced and handed over to island crew in longboat for postmarking. Thus rare. MB: $20.

Lot 38: Tristan da Cunha, registered Air Mail cover to Germany, franked with three penguin stamps tied with 9 DEC ‘74 datestamp, boxed registration cachet with handwritten No. 1529 and vertical oval Crown Administrator cachet. MB: $10.

Lot 39: Tristan da Cunha cover to New Zealand, franked with 20p whale stamps (SG#203) tied with 19 MAR ‘74 datestamp and three-line ship’s cachet M.F.V. Tristania II with signature. MB: $5.

Lot 40: Tristan da Cunha unaddressed cover franked with two flowering plants definitives, tied with 17 NOV ‘74 datestamp and dated oval ship’s cachet MAIN SIGNAL CENTRE R.F.A. RELIANT of the same day (ship’s visit November 14-17), plus ship’s Christmas greeting card with imprinted ship and ship’s crest, a definitive stamp tied with 17 NOV ‘74 datestamp. MB: $15.

Lot 41: Tristan da Cunha, three unaddressed covers franked and tied with October and November 1974 datestamps and cachets of MFV Hilary, MFV Tristania II with Inaccessible penguin cachets and round H.M. Customs Tristan da Cunha Crown cachet. MB: $6.

Lot 42: Tristan da Cunha cover to South Africa, 3p flowering plants stamp datestamped 19 MAR ‘74 and large boxed ship’s cachet in red visit of MS Vistafjord (Dutch) on world cruise. MB: $4.

Lot 43: Same cover as no. 42 but an official printed ship’s envelope. MB: $6.

Lot 44: Tristan da Cunha, official PPC with pictured ship MS Vistafjord, addressed to South Africa, two flowering plants definitives datestamped 19 MAR ‘74 and the same red boxed ship’s cachet of MS Vistafjord. MB: $8.

Lot 45: Tristan da Cunha, cover to Germany, franked with three flowering plants definitives, tied 9 JAN ‘74 and WIRELESS STATION boxed cachet, handwritten January 19, 1974 and signature. MB: $4.

Lot 46: Tristan da Cunha First Day Cover to Roger Wells in England, franked with SG #75 struck with TdC datestamp 17 FEB ‘65, boxed cachet FIRST DAY COVER and MV Tristania ship’s cachet. MB: $4.

Lot 47: Tristan da Cunha cover to Germany, franked with 4p flowering plant definitive, datestamped 16 DEC ‘75 and MFV Tristania II ship’s cachet with signature. MB: $3.

Lot 48: Tristan da Cunha cover to Germany, franked with three flowering plants definitives, struck with indistinct datestamps 11 AUG ‘75 and Post Office Crown cachet. MB: $3.

Lot 49: Tristan da Cunha cover to South Africa, franked with 4¢ RSA stamp, Paquebot/Navire 24 JUN.75. MB: $4.

Lot 50: Tristan da Cunha cover to South Africa, franked with two flowering plants definitives, datestamped 17 APR ‘75 and ship’s cachet CCCP Akademik Kurchatov, a Russian training vessel. MB: $15.

Lot 51: Tristan da Cunha cover to Germany, franked with three flowering plants definitives, datestamped 12 MAR ‘75 and Treasurer Crown cachet. MB: $3.

Lot 52: Tristan da Cunha cover to Germany, franked with 5p penguin stamp (SG#189), tied with 5 FEB ‘75 datestamp and round ship’s cachet of SS Rotterdam visiting Tristan the same day on her world cruise, plus PPC with SS Rotterdam, Holland America Cruises, franked with one flowering plants definitive stamp, date-stamped the same day, unaddressed, plus Holland America Cruises Air Mail envelope, unaddressed, franked with two flowering plants definitives and tied with 5 FEB ‘75 datestamp and two-line cachet HOLLAND: AMERICA LINE S.S. ROTTERDAM. Three items in all. MB: $10.

Lot 53: Tristan da Cunha cover to South Africa, franked with 3p flowering plants definitive, tied with 25 JAN ‘75 datestamp and three-line ship’s cachet MFV Tristania II. MB: $3.

Lot 54: Gough Island, unaddressed cover MS Lindblad Explorer with imprinted penguins and three-line text: M.S. Lindblad Explorer, Antarctic Cruising Expedition, with official crown cachet of Tristan Post Office, U.S. stamps struck with very distinct Tristan Paquebot datestamp 25 DEC 76. MB: $5, realized $8

Lot 55: Tristan da Cunha bulk of five unaddressed covers with Tristan stamps and cachets of MFV Melodie posted on high seas, British Trader TdC, same cachet of British Trader and longboat, first guano trip to Nightingale Island, two-line cachet Inaccessible Island and penguin cachet Inaccessible, cover with imprinted Crawford Tristan map, all covers datestamped 1976. MB: $10.

Lot 56: Tristan da Cunha cover to Germany, franked with two whale stamps (SG #200-01), struck with datestamp 11 NOV ‘76, Post Office Crown cachet. MB: $3.

Lot 57: Tristan da Cunha cover to Austria, franked with whale stamps (SG #202), struck with datestamp 19 OCT ‘76, TdC Education Department Crown cachet. MB: $4.

Lot 58: Tristan da Cunha cover to Austria, franked with whale stamps (SG #200-01), struck with datestamp 19 OCT ‘76, TdC Treasurer Crown cachet. MB: $3, realized $3

Lot 59: Tristan da Cunha cover to Germany, franked with sea plant (SG #196) and flowering plant (SG #158), struck with datestamp 26 AUG ‘76 and TdC Treasurer Crown cachet. MB: $3, realized $3

Lot 60: Tristan da Cunha cover to Germany, franked with Sea Plant (SG #196), struck with Paquebot/Navire 13 OCT 76, three-line cachet POSTED OFF TRISTAN DA CUNHA and boxed cachet MV RSA with signature. MB: $10.

Lot 61: Tristan da Cunha cover to Germany, franked with four different definitives flowering plants stamps, datestamped 18 MAR ‘76 and penguin cachet Inaccessible Island. MB: $4.

Lot 62: Tristan da Cunha cover to South Africa, franked with 2 1/2p flowering plant definitive and struck with indistinct datestamp 20 FE ‘76 and Medical Officer of Health Crown cachet. MB: $4.

Lot 63: Tristan da Cunha cover to Germany, franked with two 1p flowering plants definitives, datestamped 1 MAR ‘76 and ship’s cachet MFV Melodie, the ship visiting Tristan on this date. MB: $5.

Lot 64: Tristan da Cunha cover to Germany, franked with whale stamps (SG #202), datestamped 26 FEB ‘76 and ship’s cachet of MFV Hilary. MB: $4.

Lot 65: Tristan da Cunha air mail cover, printed matter to Germany, three-line cachet of MFV Tristania II with signature, two flower stamps struck with Tristan datestamp 4 OCT ‘77. MB: $6.

Lot 66: Tristan da Cunha air mail registered cover to Germany, 8 FEB ‘77, with official Post Office crown cachet and registration cachet No. 5724. MB: $8.

Lot 67: Tristan da Cunha air letter with imprinted MFV Tristania II stamp and additional stamp to Germany, 6 SEP ‘77 with boxed cachet of the Wireless Station, no message. MB: $8.

Lot 68: Tristan da Cunha, registered air mail cover to Germany, 11 JUL ‘77 with boxed registration cachet No. 5561. MB: $6.

Lot 69: Tristan da Cunha registered air mail cover to Germany with full set of 10th Anniversary of Resettlement, SG #182-185, struck with Tristan datestamp 4 APR ‘77 and boxed registration cachet No. 5357. MB: $5.

Lot 70: Tristan da Cunha registered air mail cover to Germany, 4 APR ‘77, with boxed registered cachet No. 5353, franked with m/s Centenary of Sir Winston Churchill 1974. MB: $4.

Lot 71: Tristan da Cunha registered air mail cover to Germany, 4 APR ‘77, with boxed registered cachet No. 5356, franked with set Centenary of Sir Winston Churchill 1974. MB: $4.

Lot 72: Tristan da Cunha registered air mail cover to Germany, 4 APR ‘77, with boxed registered cachet No. 5364, franked with set Royal Wedding Princess Anne 1973. MB: $4.

Lot 73: Gough Island/RSA cover to Germany with three cachets of MS Lindblad Explorer, visiting Gough Island in December 1976, franked with RSA stamp and datestamped Durban 24 I 77. MB: $4.

Lot 74: Tristan da Cunha registered cover to Berlin, with official crown cachet of the Treasurer, registration cachet no. 6695, struck with the TdC datestamps 15 SEP ‘78. Additional the Certificate of Posting of a Registered Item (datestamp missing). MB: $9.

Lot 75: Tristan da Cunha, very nice air mail registered cover to Germany, registration cachet no. 6698, with crown cachet of Post Office and boxed cached “ WIRELESS STATION TRISTAN DA CUNHA” with signature, datestamped 17 AU ‘78. MB: $12.

Lot 76: Tristan da Cunha air mail cover with three-line cachet of MFV Tristania II, whale stamp struck with Tristan datestamp 17 May ‘78 and signature (most probably of the Tristania II). MB: $6.

Lot 77: Tristan da Cunha air mail registered cover with boxed registration cachet no. 6308 to Germany, two stamps (boat and bird) struck with Tristan datestamp 26 AP ‘78, vertical crease, stamps and cachet not affected, transported with Tristania II which arrests a Chinese fishery vessel poaching. MB: $7.

Lot 78: Tristan da Cunha cover to Berlin, struck with TdC datestamp 8 FEB ‘79 and boxed cachet “POSTED ON BOARD QUEEN ELIZABETH 2 WORLD CRUISE 1979.” MB: $5.

Lot 79: Tristan da Cunha cover to Germany, TdC Paquebot 11 NOV 1979, year inserted by hand, only in use the last three years, three cachets of SA Agulhas, boxed cachet Voyage 19, three-line cachet POSTED AT SEA OFF TRISTAN DA CUNHA *11 XI 79* and a heli cachet. MB: $10.

Lot 80: Tristan da Cunha cover to Germany, franked with Ship’s Crest stamp 10P HMS Niad, struck with the TdC datestamp 2 AUG ‘79, boxed cachet of MV Atlantic Isle with sign and single-line cachet mfv TRISTANIA II. MB: $6.

Lot 81: Tristan da Cunha cover to Erfurt, Germany, official crown cachet of Public Works Department and Tristan datestamp 17 AUG ‘89. MB: $6.

Lot 82: Tristan da Cunha, C4 printed paper of the TdC Post Office with eight proof strikes of the current available datestamps and cachets (May 2012), e.g., Paquebot, Return to Sender, Post Office Crown cachet, Received Post Office, On Postal Service, miss-sent to Tristan da Cunha, Cape Mail, with the three signatures of the Post Office staff, exclusively made for the SHATPS auction, the hammer price will be the profit of SHATPS. MB: $50, realized $112




Please note the following lots reflect minimum bids. They represent St. Helena, Ascension, Tristan da Cunha and other islands around the world. No buyer’s commission on these lots! Seller will donate 30% of proceeds to society. Every lot comes with one or two gifts. Abbreviations: HB = Hardbound, SB = Softbound, DJ = Dust Jacket. Ex-Lib = Library Discard.

Lot 83: Upackaged Tours by Edwin Marrisby. HB/DJ with DJ Protector. Like New. Visits to Greenland, Sao Tome and Principe, Sub-Antarctic Islands, Socotra, Pitcairn, Torres Strait, Tristan da Cunha, the Canaries, The Congo, Zanzibar. Maps, 1988, 392 pages. MB: $5.

Lot 84: Carpenter’s Geographical Reader – Australia and a great many islands around the world, including St. Helena. HB, 1904. Used with handstamps but decent condition. Ex-lib, many small maps and photos, 388 pages. All proceeds to society. MB: $4.

Lot 85: Mainsail to the Wind: A Book of Sailing Quotations by William Galvani. HB, DJ, Nice, 214 pages. All proceeds to society. MB: $4.

Lot 86: The Andaman Islands by F. A. M. Dass, B.A. HB, 1937, with a piece of Asiatic Steam Navigation Co. attached to first blank page, with handwritten note about the Andaman Islander. Book apparently belonged to the Chief Engineer of the SS Maharajah, which used to visit the Andamans. Various items laid in by seller. Scare by itself but this copy especially collectible, as it has been there. MB: $50.

Lot 87: The National Geographic Magazine, July 1940. Includes The Celebes, Singapore, Greenland from 1898. Nice condition. MB: $4.

Lot 88: The National Geographic Magazine, September 1938. Includes Trans-Africa Safari, Pearl Lagoon, Tongareva, and “Among the Big Knot Lois of Hainan.” Nice condition. MB: $4.

Lot 89: The National Geographic Magazine, July 1927. Includes the fabulous “Sinbads of Science: The Narrative of a Windjammers Voyage Among Islands of High Adventure in the South Atlantic.” With St. Helena, Ascension, Fernando de Noronha and others. Great photos, map. VG condition. MB: $5.

Lot 90: Pursuit of an Island by Julian Mockford. HB/DJ with protector. Mauritius, Reunion, Rodrigues, and a few others nearby; 155 pages, photos. Nice copy. MB: $10.

Lot 91: Lord Howe Island by Alan and Valrie Finch. HB/DJ with protector. 160 pages, photos; items laid in. MB: $11.

Lot 92: Westward from Cocos: Indian Ocean Travels by Coralie and Leslie Rees. HB/DJ with protector. VG copy. Photos, map endpapers, 268 pages. MB: $10. Lawrence G. Green was a South African travel writer who wrote beautifully evocative stories about his home country, Namibia, and the islands around Southern Africa, in the South Atlantic and Indian oceans.

Lot 93: There’s a Secret Hid Away by L.G. Green. HB/DJ in protector, 1956, many photos, nice condition. Includes much on St. Helena. Of interest, there is a photo added of (presumably) the “Penniless Wanderer” and his global journey sketched out on an attached label of the world, with note thanking his parents. Green met the young fellow and gave him a paragraph in the book on page 66. A lovely touch. MB: $20.

Lot 94: Eight Bells at Salamander by L.G. Green. HB/DJ in protector, 1984 (Reprint), Illustrations, Nice Condition, 271 pagesmaps. Nice book with writings about the South Atlantic and Indian Ocean islands, including Tristan and Gough, Bouvet, Juan da Nova and others. MB: $12.

Lot 95: South African Beachcomber by Green. HB/DJ in protector, photos, 244 pages, Nice Condition. Stories about South African beaches and various islands, including Ascension and St. Helena. $16 when bought nine years ago. MB: $12.

Lot 96: Harbours of Memory by Green. HB/DJ in protector, VG+ condition, Illustrations, 255 pages, 1969. Originally sold by Adams & Co. Booksellers in Durban. “A book of personal experiences along South African and other romantic waterfronts, odd characters encountered by the author and the strange tales they told.” MB: $9.

Lot 97: The Drums of Time by Green. HB, no DJ, 1956, 248 pages. Includes nice account of St. Helena. Good condition overall. MB: $15.

Lot 98: When the Journey’s Over by Green. HB/DJ in protector, 1972, 253 pages, some illustrations (and a lightly penciled note in the back “Stones Chop House – German”). Green’s last book. “An incorrigible old wanderer’s memories …” Includes some stories about Tristan and Gough. MB: $9.

Lot 99: The Chequered Cruise by Ralph Stock. HB/no DJ, photos, 190 page, old library book in good condition, 1956. Note on inside states book was waiting at Somerset Apartments on Lord Howe Island on Oct. 15, 2002. Mentions hike up Mt. Lidgbird and boat trip to Ball’s Pyramid. Seems to be uncommon in older printed editions. MB: $21.

Lot 100: Cobbers by Thomas Wood. HB/DJ, 1938, photo of Koala. Travels in Australia and visiting reefs and islands. Very decent condition with good stories of 80 years ago. MB: $5, realized $6

Lot 101: The Law of the Sea by William McFee. HB, 1950, “Property of U.S. Navy” – Ex-Lib San Diego, 318 pages. MB: $5.

Lot 102: White Cayuca by John Vanderveer Deuel. HB/DJ in protector, photos, 1934, generally VG and uncommon in DJ. “The Log of an Adventurous Voyage to Devil’s Island, the Valley of Creeping Death, the Isle of Buried Treasure, the Bedbug Islands, and the Land of Savage Majesty.” Expensive with DJ. MB: $25.

Lot 103: The Lonely Island by Rose Annie Rogers. HB, 1928, photos, map, 228 pages. Decent condition. MB: $18.

Lot 104: Rockhopper Copper by Conrad Glass. “From the notebook of their policeman and conservation officer.” SB, SIGNED, color photos, 170 pages, 2005, virtually as new. MB: $10, realized $11

Lot 105: Coast of Adventure (“Untamed North Australia”) by Charles Barrett. HB/DJ in protector, 1946, photos, VG condition, Foreword by Sir Keith Murdoch. MB: $12.

Lot 106: St. Helena: One Man’s Island by Ian Baker. HB/DJ, 2004, color photos, 255 pages, copy. MB: $12.

Lot 107: St Helena, Ascension, Tristan da Cunha – The Bradt Travel Guide by Sue Steiner. SB, 2002, virtually as new. Maps, illustrations, some color photos, 182 pages, 305 pages. MB: $6.

Lot 108: Down Memory Lane: Recollections of a Wandering Missionary by Father Brendan Sullivan. Father Sullivan recalls several decades of service to South Atlantic islands, including St. Helena, Ascension, Tristan, and the Falklands. SB, many photos, maps, VG+ condition, 2009. MB: $15.

Lot 109: Ascension Island: A Concise Guide to Asension Island by J.E. Packer. SB, ringbound, 54 pages, maps and illustrations. VG condition, extras laid in, 1968. MB: $12, realized $16

Lot 110: British Indian Ocean Territory: History and Postal Markings of the BIOT, British and American Military Postal Systems by Stephen Pendleton. SB, 61 pages, illustrated, produced around 2006, SIGNED. MB: $12, realized $13

Lot 111: St. Helena Cooking by Pamela M. Lawrence. SB, 1984, 77 pages, illustrations. Good+ condition. MB: $15.

Lot 112: Ascension Island and Turtles by H.H. Roger Huxley, Administrator. SB, with hard plastic protector, illustrations, 1997. MB: $12.

Lot 113: Island of St. Helena: Listing and Preservation of Buildings of Architectural and Historic Interest. Report by Hugh P. Crallan, M.A., Architect. SB/ring-bound, 1974/1997. Photos, maps (including fold-outs) and illustrations. Nicely done, largesize, substantial publication. Great resource. MB: $18.

Lot 114: St. Helena: John Charles Mellis, Esquire also Photographs and Captions … by Robin Castell. Large HB/DJ, 1979, many photos, 245 pages. MB: $18.

Lot 115: St. Helena Postal Markings 1815-2000 by B. Mabbett. HB, full-size, 176 pages, photos, maps, many illustrations of postmarks and covers, 2002. A gift from Trevor Hearl, with note about that written in book. MB: $20.

Lot 116: Xerox copy of Recollections of the Emperor Napoleon by Mrs. Abell. Original published in London in 1845. Several illustrations. Good clean crisp copy that could be ring-bound. MB: $5.

Lot 117: A small box of St. Helena items, including Proceeding of the Legislative Council 14th Session 1979, 47 pages, with details about various interesting island activities; a 1986 “Views of St. Helena Island” calendar (a collection of views that can be detached and used as post cards); several issues of The St. Helena Connection and Promoting St. Helena (color photos); a detached Islands Magazine article about St. Helena with color photos; a 2001 St. Helena calendar with lovely color photos; a nice SH booklet with color photos (produced in 1979 by Bryn Campbell) that has laid-in a draft Constitution of the St. Helena Heritage Society; and various other items. Well worth MB: $20.

Lot 118: Geo Magazine, December 2001, with cover story “La France d’outre-mer” (with photos and news about the various French colonies around the world, including Mayotte, New Caledonia, St. Pierre & Miquelon, Kerguelen, Reunion, Tahiti, Martinique, French Guiana, French Antarctic, Guadaloupe, Isles Esparses. Amazing round-up of intriguing islands. Also East Timor. Magazine is 188 pages and in nice condition. MB: $12, realized $16

Lot 119: Ascension Island Historical Society Gallery of Photographs, Old Documents and other Memorabilia, 1985, large ringbound, 222 pages, VG condition. MB: $18, realized $26

Lot 120: A scarce map of a portion of the North Atlantic off Brazil, the Equator forming the southern boundary, showing St. Peter & St. Paul’s Rocks. Large map, mostly sea, produced by the Department of Geodesy and Cartography, German Democratic Republic, Berlin, 1964. MB: $25.

Lot 121: 3YOPI Peter I Island Antarctica, SB, photos, maps, illustrations, 227 pages, nice condition - and a souvenir card with a handstamp at the South Sandwich Islands. Account of a trip to one of the most distant islands in the world. Nice book. Often priced $100+. MB: $25.

Lot 122: The Disappearing Island by Geoffrey Jenkins. Paperback, 1962, relating to Tristan da Cunha. From the Library of Eli Goodman, a gift to the seller, all proceeds donated to the society. MB: $5 (includes shipping).

Lot 123: Tristan da Cunha Newsletter (over 50 issues) + August 1989 and May 2001 issues of Tristan Times + “Letter No. 19,” October 1963, Tristan da Cunha Newsletter (Society for Propagation of the Gospel). TdC Newsletters include early, middle and recent issues. NOT a complete run. MB: $25.

Lot 124: 15 issues of Cameo (Journal of the West Africa Study Circle), 1 issue Saint Helena Supplement No. 5. All have South Atlantic islands articles. Phoenix International Postal Auction Sale N. 125 Catalog includes Capt. Roger Morgan Collection of St. Helena. Mostly later issues but goes back to 1978. MB: $15.

Lot 125: Folder of Tristan da Cunha articles, some over 50 years old. All proceeds to society. MB: $5, realized $6

Lot 126: A Dutchman on Tristan da Cunha: The Quest for Peter Green by Sandra Kornet-van Duyvenboden. Large SB, color photos and illustrations. Like new with exception of an inscription about the book being a gift. MB: $15.

Lot 127: Two items: The Island of Fernando do Noronha by Rev. T.S. Lea (1888; bound journal extract with lovely fold-out map) and Arquipelago Fernando de Noronha (2003; SB with still cover, produced by University of Sao Paulo, 165 pages with many fine color photos). Expensive items on internet; map alone in the bound extract often priced high. Includes post card and clippings. Well worth MB: $48.

Lot 128: Islands of Despair by Allan W. Eden. HB, DJ in protector. (Sub-Antarctic Islands of New Zealand: Campbell Island and Auckland Islands and others. 1955, maps, black and white photos, generally nice condition; not a cheap or common book on the Internet. MB: $28.

Lot 129: Pearl Diver’s Luck by Clarence Benham. HB, 1950, Ex- Lib, 286 pages, no photos, VG condition. An account of pearl diving in the Torres Strait and Solomon Islands. A fine adventure book to inspire lads and armchair adventurers. MB: $7, realized $8

Lot 130: The National Geographic Magazine, seven copies in VG condition, including September 1924 (Libyan Desert, Sicily, Guano Islands off South America), Auguse 1935 (London, Monster Squid, Canada and Gaspe Peninsula, Wild Animals of Rockies), July 1935 (The Byrd Antarctic Expedition, Lord Howe Island in Tasman Sea, Tin Can Island in the Pacific), September 1937 (Mississippi River, the Caribbean, Trinidad, Canton Island in Pacific & observation of eclipse), May 1946 (Scotland, Arctic Airbases, Sao Tome [off West Africa], Peru and Bolivia), February 1952 (Yemen, the Universe, Zanzibar, Bimini), October 1991 (America before Columbus, Rubies and Sapphires, Lord Howe Island). Nice old ads. Great group for MB: $20.

Lot 131: Kwajalein Remembered by Eugene C. Sims. Large SB, 196 pages, color photos front and back covers, black and white photos inside. Kwajalein is the Ascension of the Pacific. MB: $15.

Lot 132: St. Helena and Ascension Island: a natural history. Philip and Myrtle Ashmole. Large HB, DJ in protector, 475 pages, many illustrations, color photos, maps. A magnificent book and often expensive. Extras laid in, including relevant St. Helena News and two covers. MB: $33, realized $34

Lot 133: Wirebird, the journal of the Friends of St. Helena. 28 issues between 1990 and 2013. Not complete but an excellent accumulation of this fine journal with many interesting articles about St. Helena. MB: $33.


VENDOR “C” No minimum bids on the following lots.

Lot 134: Swales, Michael. Denstone Expedition to Tristan da Cunha. Modified to be spiralbound paperback. 5.75 x 8.25 inches tall. 32 pp. A “Denstonian Supplement” for autumn 1993. Denston College has undertaken various visits to the island since 1982. The booklet is informative, with 24 b+w photos. Contents fine.

Lot 135: Fraser, Michael, et.al., Denstone Expedition to Inaccessible Island. Modified to be spiralbound paperback. 5.75 x 8.25 inches tall. A “Denstonian Supplement” for autumn 1983. Report on school expedition to Inaccessible Island. Contents fine (including map) but wrappers a little creased. A jolly school trip as only English public schools can do them.

Lot 136: Green, L. G. South African Beachcomber. Hardcover w/dust jacket. Coast dwellers, treasure hunters, fishermen -- the whole romance of the coastline, as well as chapters on St. Helena, Ascension, the Canaries, Gomera and Madeira. 244 pp with b+w illustrations, 1958. Contents very good but dust jacket is torn and dust jacket cover and edges of pages all have brown mold stains, realized $20

Lot 137: Rand, Austin L. The Origin of the Land Birds of Tristan da Cunha. Softbound, 28 pp with one illustration. Suggests that Tristan and Gough avifauna are entirely of American origin and that the two islands may have been colonized independently by similar ancestral stock. Reprinted from Karl Patterson Schmidt Anniversary Volume, Fieldiana: Zoology, Vol. 37, published by Chicago Natural History Museum, 1955. Contents fine but cover bears one pen marking and is faded around edges.

Lot 138: Elsie Fox, compiler. Lonely Islands: Tristan da Cunha. Softbound, 12 pp w/27 photos and map illustration. Mostly captioned sepia photos with simple text interspersed, 8 pages on Tristan and 2 pages each on St. Helena and Ascension. No. 4 in “Camera Series” published by Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in London. Contents in good condition. Cover shows signs of wear.

Lot 139: Penrith, M. J. The Fishes of Tristan da Cunha, Gough Island and the Vema Seamount. Softbound, 26 pp with one illustrated plate. Compares fish from newly discovered Vema Seamount to those from Tristan and Gough. Discusses the genus Gaidropsarus from Tristan and South Africa. Reprinted from Annals of the South African Museum, 1967. Contents very good. Front cover has quarter-inch tear and there is one pencil marking on back cover.

Lot 140: Crawford, Allan B. Penguins, Potatoes & Postage Stamps. Hardbound, 166 pp + 8 pp of color photos. Profusely illustrated with many b+w photos, etc. With many rare pictures, this is the author’s personal chronicle as he reflects in his retirement on his many years of involvement with Tristan. Crawford was involved with as many as 16 Tristan stamp issues. Foreward by HRH Prince Andrew. Published by Anthony Nelson, Oswestry, Shropshire, England, 1999. Like new, realized $11

Lot 141: Humphries, Nigel. So This is Tristan da Cunha: A Photoguide to the World’s Loneliest Island in the South Atlantic Ocean, with Philatelic Notes. Softbound, 24 pages with 40 photos and two pages of illustrations/maps. Contents very good. Front cover shows signs of wear and has several small stains. There is one pen marking inside front cover. Small paper reading, “Best wishes, Nigel Humphries” has been glued inside front cover.

Lot 142: Ascension Island Historical Society. Ascension Island: Portrait of a South Atlantic Outpost. Softbound, 16 pp with map and nine color photos including front/back covers. 8 3/8” x 5 7/8” tall. Nine small chapters on summit dew pond, Georgetown, Wideawake Airfield, English Bay and Two Boats, Green Mountain Farm, Bird & Marine Life, etc. Contents in good condition. Pages slightly askew due to poor staple placement. Folds and signs of wear on front and back covers, realized $4

Lot 143: Stanley Gibbons Auctions. The Jack Cole Collection of the Postal History of Tristan da Cunha, 30 October 1998. Softbound, 92 pp with four pages of color photos + colored photos inside inside/outside of front and back covers. 7 1/4” x 9 5/8” tall. Auction catalog of world-class postal history collection with many b+w photos. Blue bid form enclosed. Contents and cover in fine condition, realized $5

Lot 144: Stanley Gibbons Auctions. The Jack Cole Collection of the Postal History of Tristan da Cunha, 30 October 1998. Softbound, 92 pp with four pages of color photos + colored photos inside/ outside of front and back covers. 7 1/4” x 9 5/8” tall. Auction catalog of world-class postal history collection with many b+w photos. Contents in fine condition. Front and back covers each have one small fold. Also front cover has a 2.5 inch fold (manufacturing defect) and a half inch x 1/8” punch along top, realized $5

Lot 145: Attwood, J. H. Ascension: The Stamps and Postal History. Hardcover w/dust jacket. Covers stamps and postal history up to 1976. Seventy-one pages with many b+w photos and illustrations, 1981. Contents very good but dust jacket slightly crumpled, has two 2” tears that are Scotch taped on inside. Bookmark inside front cover and rubber stamp on page 1.

Lot 146: Stanley Gibbons. St. Helena & Dependencies Stamp Catalogue. Softbound. Covers St. Helena, Ascension & Tristan da Cunha, with color illustrations. 64 pp, third edition, 2007. Contents fine but staples were removed and so pages are loose.

Lot 147: Stewart, Jr., Harris B. & Henderson, Jr., J. Welles. Challenger Sketchbook: B. Shephard’s Sketchbook of the HMS Challenger Expedition 1872-1874. Hardcover with voyage map printed inside covers. Twenty-two color & 13 b+w primitive but fascinating sketches by a Challenger crewman (who served as cooper) of islands, incl. Tristan da Cunha group (4), St. Peter & Paul Rocks (2), Fernando de Noronha, Prince Edward, Crozet, Kerguelen (3), McDonald, icebergs (6), etc. One full page of editors’ text faces each drawing. Published by Philadelphia Maritime Museum, 1972. Interior contents very good except for first and last pages and inside of front and back covers which are stained. Front cover has small tape mark. Both covers are stained, worn and slightly warped., realized $25

Lot 148: Rosenthal, Eric. Shelter from the Spray. Hardcover with plastic-covered dust jacket. Well-written story of the brothers Stoltenhoff and their attempt at an adventurous Crusoe’s life on Inaccessible in 1871. 212 pp with b+w illustrations and maps as endpapers. Timmins, South Africa, 1952. Contents very good. Tears in dust jacket taped over. Stains from dust jacked on first and last pages facing covers, realized $25

Lot 149: Cannan, Edward. Churches of the South Atlantic Islands. Softbound. Life of the church and the people on St. Helena, Ascension, Tristan da Cunha and the Falklands, written by the former bishop of St. Helena. 315 pp with b+w photos. Anthony Nelson, 1992. Like new.

Lot 150: Holdgate, Martin. Mountains in the Sea. Hardcover with plastic-covered dust jacket. The story of an adventurous expedition to Gough Island with foreward by Prince Philip. McMillan, London, 1957, 222 pp. Internal contents very good. Half-inch tear at hinge of front cover. Tears in dust jacket taped over. Brown mold stains on edges of pages and dust jacket.

Lot 151: Barrow, K. M. Three Years in Tristan da Cunha. Hardcover. Written by wife of clergyman on Tristan, 280 pp. with 37 illustrations and a map. Skeffington & Son, London, 1910. Contents fair, with a few loose pages. Brown mold stains on edges of pages.




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