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Past SHATPS Officers



Vivian W. Finne, 1976-1979

Russell V. Skavaril, 1979

John L. Havill, 1980-1985

Dr. Peter P. McCann, 1986-1990

Dr. Jeffrey P. Vadheim, 1990-1993

Michael Mueller, 1994-1997

Dr. Everett L. Parker, 1998-2001

Dr. Gale Raymond, 2002-2003

Ronald F. Burn, 2004-2007

Ted Cookson, 2008-2011

John Coyle, 2012-2015

Dr. Everett L. Parker, 2016-2018


Vice Presidents:

C. Peter Perrett 1981-1983

Peter P. McCann, 1984-1985

Peter W. Knightes, 1986-1990

Dev Miller, 1990-1992

Michael Mueller, 1992-1993

Dr. Eli Goodman, 1994-1997

Bradley W. Brunsell, 1998-2001

Robert Richardson, 2002-2005

Ted Cookson, 2005-2007

John Coyle, 2008-2011

Dr. T. Philip Hicks, 2012-2015

Ray Lloyd, 2016-2018

Francois Friend, 2018



Vivian W. Finne, 1977-1983

Donald F. Neville, 1984-1985

Dr. Everett L. Parker, 1986-1987

Vivian W. Finne, 1987-1993

John Havill, 1994-2007

Ted Cookson, 2007-2008

Thomas Bowman, 2008-2011



Sherwin Podolsky, 1977

Vivian W. Finne, 1978-1981

Douglas A. Kelsey, 1981-1984

Diana Manchester, 1984-1985

Albert W. Myers, 1986-1987

Dr. Russell V. Skavaril, 1988-2001

John Havill, 2001-2007

Bradley W. Brunsell, 2007-2015

Barbara Kuchau, 2015-2016



James E. Kraemer 1978-1987

Sherwin D. Podolsky, 1978-1983

Michael Pottier, 1979-1982

Peter P. McCann, 1980-1983

Bernard J. Mabbett, 1980-1987

Dr. Eli Goodman, 1984-1988, 2002-2006

Jack Harwood, 1988-1993

Jeffrey P. Vadheim, 1988-1990

Arthur H. Groten, 1988-1993

John L. Havill, 1988-1993

Erik R. Sevaard, 1988-1993

Peter W. Knightes, 1990-1993

David J. Allen, 1994-1997

Robert Deakin, 1994-1997

Vivian Finne, 1994-1997

Dr. Peter P. McCann, 1994-1997

Dr. Gale Raymond, 1994-1997

Dr. William Mayo, 1996-2003, 2006-2009

Quinten Keynes, 1998-2001

Guy Marriott, 1998-2001

Robert Richardson, 1998-2001

Thomas Verich, 1998-2001

Bradley W. Brunsell, 2002-2006

Dr. T. Philip Hicks, 2002-2006

Michael Mueller, 2002-2006

Ted Cookson, 2004-2005

Lucy Prentice, 2006-2009

John Coyle, 2006-2007

John Leonowich, 2006-2007

Mike Faulds, 2006-2009

Ronald F. Burn, 2008-2009

Dr. Everett Parker, 2008-2011

Klaus Hahn, 2010-2011

Alf Taylor, 2010-2011

Dr. Stan Atherton, 2010-2013

Genie N. Murphy, 2010-2013

Dr. William Mayo, 2012-2015

Guy Marriott, 2012-2015

Michael D. Mueller, 2014-2015

Kenneth E. Stewart, 2014-2017

Thomas R. Murphy, 2014-2017

Francois Friend, 2016-2018


Publications Editors:

Russell V. Skavaril, 1977-1979

Vincent C. Henrich, 1979

Russell V. Skavaril, 1980-1987

Dr. Everett L. Parker, 1988-2006

Dr. T. Philip Hicks, 2006-2007


Directors of Communications:

Jeffrey P. Vadheim, 1988-1992

Michael Mueller, 1992-1997, 2004-2008

Dr. Eli Goodman, 1998-2004

Dr. T. Philip Hicks, 2005-2015


Deputy Treasurer:

Dr. Paul Fred Edinger, 2016-2017



Dr. Russell V. Skavaril, 1996-2000

Dr. Alexander H. Schulenburg, 2001-2010



Erik. R. Sevaard, 1977-1990

Sean T. Power (U.K. Branch), 1982-1989

Ernest E. Roberts, 1990-2003

Michael Mueller, 2004-2005


Auction Directors:

Erik R. Sevaard, 1978-1979

Frederick C. Kast, Jr., 1979-1981

George E. Montrose, 1981-1982

Peter W. Knightes, 1982-1985

David J. Allen, 1986-2001


Publications Collators

Kimberly C. Skavaril, 1980-1982

Michael D. Skavaril, 1980-1986

Julia K. Skavaril, 1980-1987

Gregory N. Skavaril, 1980-1986


Circuit Director

John L. Havill , 1977-1988


Immediate Past Presidents:

All Presidents then undertake the board

role of Immediate Past President

for the term of the succeeding President


APS Representatives:

Barbara W. Nickerson, 1979-1981

Russell V. Skavaril, 1981-1988


Youth Coordinator:

Stephen Menke, 1980-1985


Overseas Representative:

Bernard J. Mabbett, 1982-1988





History of the St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Philatelic Society 1977-2016
By Michael D. Mueller, Senior Editor, 30th Anniversary Anthology and former President Ted Cookson


Our 20th Anniversary Anthology, edited by Dr. Russell V. Skavaril, included an excellent history of our society written by Mrs. Vivian W. Finne, who we consider to be the founding member of our organization. It was my privilege to assist with that historical record.

Mrs. Finne passed away in 2002. It now falls to me to write the history of our organization since 1996 for our Thirty Years of St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Philately. Some readers of this book may be unfamiliar with the deeper story of our society, however. Therefore, I will first present an abbreviated and slightly edited version of Mrs. Finne's history to provide an historical perspective.

From Mrs. Finne's History

"Asking a simple question can lead to unbelievable involvements and a wonderful collection of new friends. Such was the case for me in 1975 when I wrote to Linn's Stamp News and asked if there was a society specializing in St. Helena, a remote and little-known island in the South Atlantic.

"Soon after, I heard from Russell Skavaril, Alan Barash, Edward Bannigan, Peter McCann and John Havill. They wanted to know what I found out as a consequence of my letter in Linn's. As it turned out, no society existed. However, Russ, Alan, Edward, Peter and John and I began writing to each other.

"At Interphil '76, I met with Edward and he urged me to take the first steps toward organizing a society-like activity for our small group of correspondents. So, I gathered some philatelic material, wrote a letter to go with it, and started a Round Robin, which we later called a circuit…Trevor Hearl of England contacted me and offered to share his vast information about St. Helena.

"The St. Helena Study Group was formally launched in April 1977 with the issuance of a two-page newsletter…In May, a one-page bulletin listing our eleven members announced that Russ Skavaril would be director, I would be membership chairman…In July 1977, Vol. 1, No. 2 of the St. Helena Study Group Newsletter was mailed to the membership, which had grown to 25…The 18-page January 1978 issue of the Newsletter was packed with articles, Society news, information…A logo contest was underway…

"We felt the need to develop a constitution and bylaws. Similar societies were contacted and we obtained a variety of useful documents for study…the task fell to me to study the materials and formulate working drafts…A special committee was appointed to study the draft documents, the final drafts written by Russell Skavaril. These were approved and signed by the committee and became official on January 1, 1979 . However, our Constitution and Bylaws did not go into effect until January 1, 1980 , when our first elected officers took office.

 "At STaMpsSHOW '79, held in Boston, our St. Helena and 


- 2 -

Dependencies Philatelic Society Newsletter, the name of our journal back then, received a silver medal in the national philatelic literature competition.


"A major event in our history was a society meeting at LONDON 1980 on May 7 at Earl's Court. Seventeen members attended from the British Isles, Canada, the United States, South Africa and Ascension Island. Russell Skavaril conducted a brief meeting, which was followed by a series of talks by members…In July 1981, the St. Helena Scientific Expedition of the Department of Geography, University College, London, departed for St. Helena , taking with it a bundle of cacheted covers for our society.

"Through the kindness of Governor Massingham, in 1984, we secured 30 first day covers of a set of four St. Helena postage stamps issued in January 1983 and featuring views of the island. The covers were autographed by Roland Svensson, the artist who painted the scenes depicted on the postage stamps.

"The year 1986 marked our tenth year as a society. We celebrated with four major events: participation in AMERIPEX '86, creation of a group of six commemorative covers, introduction of major changes in our quarterly, and a revision of our Constitution and Bylaws…Roger B. West made nine cachet designs; the membership selected three for the covers…In July 1986 our quarterly was re-christened South Atlantic Chronicle…In 1987 Russell Skavaril, the editor of our journal, became seriously ill and found it necessary to step down…Luckily, Everett Parker volunteered to take over….

"Our first monograph was printed in 1991, under the supervision of President Jeffrey Vadheim. It featured two extensive research articles by Society members…published previously in the American Philatelic Congress Book… "The Postal History of St. Helena During the Napoleonic Exile" by Arthur E. Groten, M.D., and "St. Helena Boer Prisoners of War Censor and Camp Handstamps" by Russell V. Skavaril, Ph.D., and I.D. Lampart.

"Under the guidance of President Michael Mueller, several new activities have been adopted to recognize members who have made notable contributions to the society. Foremost of these is the creation of the Castella Award, bestowed to a member for outstanding service to the society. The award was given first in 1993, to Vivian Finne. Russell Skavaril was the recipient in 1994, Trevor Hearl received the Castella Award in 1995...

"In 1995 our society received an exceptionally generous gift from Honorary Member Allan B. Crawford—his stamp design file for the set of four "Lost Lifeboat" postage stamps issued in 1985. It was offered successfully by private treaty in 1996. The proceeds from the sale of the Allan Crawford "Lost Lifeboat" file provide a needed financial base."

As Mrs. Finne noted, we celebrated our 20th anniversary with a book—St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Philatelic Society's 20th Anniversary Anthology—for which the World Columbian Stamp Exposition awarded our society a $1500 matching grant. I wrote the grant proposal; Dr. Peter P. McCann gave vital support during the application process. The members of our society donated more than $1700. 

- 3 -


20th Anniversary Anthology Published in 1997

We had hoped to publish our 20th Anniversary Anthology in 1996 but it required more work than anticipated. Dr. Skavaril soldiered on month after month largely alone. Finally, it was published on September 1, 1997. Virtually everyone agreed that it was well worth the wait. Our 20th Anniversary Anthology was awarded a Gold in the philatelic literature competition at OKPEX '98 and a Vermeil at COLOPEX '98.

Tax-Exempt Status

The sale of the stamp design file and donations to the 20th Anniversary Anthology Fund prompted our officers to seek tax-exempt status for our society. Member Sanford Smith, a lawyer, prepared and submitted the application. Shortly after the U.S. Internal Revenue Service granted our society 501(c)(3) status. This status, in addition to exempting an organization from tax liabilities, encourages cash and non-cash donations from American members as such gifts can be itemized on tax returns as charitable contributions.

Website Created; Crawford Award to Taylor

Something new appeared on the cover of the South Atlantic Chronicle (SAC) in October 1996: an invitation to visit our home page. The website, created by Dr. Skavaril, provided information about our organization and the philately of St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha. Later, Dr. Skavaril added a sample copy of the SAC and details about our 20th Anniversary Anthology. Visitors could download an application to join our society.

Following the sale of the "Lost Lifeboat" file, a competition was held for best Tristan da Cunha article published in our quarterly during 1998 and 1999. In 2000, the Allan B. Crawford Award for